CK TRADE LTD offers forwarding services and transportation services in the countries of Central  and Western Europe, mainly: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland,  Slovakia.

So far the main articles of that transportation were following:

  • liquid products, e.g. used cooking oil, animal fats,  which are transported mainly from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands to Czech Republic, Poland, etc.
  • ADR products, mainly fuels  diesel (ON), gasoline, transported from petrol bases  in Western Europe and Lithuania to Poland.
  • Liquid chemicals (between others: AdBlue, Solutions of urea, bioesters, paraffin, spirits, solvents, fertilizers) transported mainly from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium to Hungary and the Czech Republic.

All those articles are transported  in special tank trucks which are driven by experienced drivers being  in constant mobile and GPS contact, that ensures the smooth running of customer service and control over your load. Drivers have valid licenses to transport of hazardous materials (ADR) and the necessary safety trainings.

What else the company can offer for you and your business partners?


  • Search suppliers/ customers for products/ services according to special wishes and in particular for liquid chemical products, used fats articles, liquid industrial products that require specialized equipment to transport these; for electronic products, as well as many other articles of unusual or rather difficult access.
  • Combine the interests of several parties to advise them where and when one’s capital  should be invested,  to make it up to good use and to bring the expected profit for all for all parties involved.
  • Propose business solutions for companies working with them and others that are interested in such counseling.