CK TRADE LTD  Private Company Limited by Shares  was incorporated in 2013 in UK.

In January, 2016 the name of the company was changed and presently complete  name and address is following:


40-44 Uxbridge Road




Main profile of CK TRADE LTD activity is forwarding services, trade and logistics agency, as well as law advisory service and capital investment for European businesses. Having many contacts with Polish, German, Belgian, French and other counties Clients ( Purchasers and Suppliers) CK TRADE is able to combine theirs businesses, to advice the best location of their capital, to provide them with special  forwarding services or simple to organize transportation certain (special) goods to appointed place  around Europe.


CK TRADE LTD provides services not only for forwarding services, but also takes orders for transportation itself,  as it cooperates with many transport and distribution companies in Poland and in Europe.

Working together with our team of highly professional European, mainly Polish, transport partners, CK TRADE LTD can offer our clients a one stop solution for their European import and export needs.

CK Trade’s  substantial cooperator is Polish company MAK – TRANS,  possessing  well  equipped vehicles and drivers, deals with the transportation of liquid articles, especially ADR , mainly from European countries to Poland.

Whether you need temperature controlled transportation (e.g. used cooking oil, animal fats) or ADR equipped vehicles and professional drivers ( for transportation of petrol or diesel – ON), CK TRADE LTD can meet your forwarding requirements punctually, reliably at reasonable costs.


Moreover, our company deals with:

  • trade brokering – searching through contacts (sellers, buyers) for the products / services according to special Client’s wishes, in particular for liquid chemical products, used fats, oils articles, liquid industrial products that require specialized equipment for their transportation.
  • combining the businesses of several parties – in the form of a product, capital or law advisory for a number of interested bodies.
  • Capital/ equity consultancy for Clients and their partners.


Working together with a team of highly professional European, mainly Polish, trading, transport, counseling partners, CK TRADE LTD can offer its customers solutions “one stop shop” for the needs of their European import, export and consulting services.